Monday, April 10 2017

Crop circles I

I've got my life together

Finally, I've made it

to the reckoning

of Angels and men.

The unfolding of the universe

such a simple creation

unborn, yet obsolete

Not for us the material world.

The Swiss are all made

dividing time into twelve equal parts,

The thirteenth is a hole in the wall

through which slips the soul.

The plaque commemorating

the liberation of the unfree

tarnished by many hands,

polished by the covetous stare

of many eyes.

The flag, ripped to shreds

by winds of change

The idiocracy of fools

entrenched in the minds

of you and I

Friday, December 23 2016

Donuts - or "Doughnuts"

There is another establishment at The Zone in Rosebank which has attracted much attention, also from my kids. This is the Krispy Kreme franchise in Rosebank (Johannesburg). I borrowed the picture from their website.


I have never tasted donuts like these before. Remember, back in the 70's, we as children encountered the first donuts to hit South Africa. Which were like a small vetkoek shaped in a ring and deep fried. And then topped with icing sugar or whatever. The choices back then were bland.

But I remember cinnamon: or let me rather say, the Donut needed cinnamon to be the Donut. And Krispy Kreme has the cinnamon. Besides that, their donuts are light, so very amazingly light. Like I've never tasted before.


After the Panarotti's episode (see earlier post), the kids opted for Mexican food, also from Chiapas, also at the Zone. They had wraps - one beef and one chicken - with a fair amount of topping, but no chilli.


We had it as a takeaway; at that time I did not order as I already had something to eat (but I can't remember what). Still, it seems the kids loved the food because subsequently (at a later date), they again ordered wraps. I had one as well which was really tasty. The good thing is you can choose your toppings, which include chicken, beef, pulled beef (which I have never encountered before), beans, avo, onions, corn, chilli etc.

Next up more food adventures, and other entertainments...

Panarotti's in Rosebank

It's the holidays, and I have set up a number of entertainments for the children. I'll get into that in a later post. I also said to them that they can have turns opting for an entertainment on a particular day. Something they've been on about is Panarotti's, which has a Monday special where kids can eat for free.

So it's Monday, and off we go to Panarotti's in Rosebank at the Zone. This is more or less what it looked like at about noon (the picture is from Panarotti's website, which I am borrowing):


Our lunch ended with the kids making a pact never to "do" Panarotti's again. I voluntarily opted into the pact at that moment as well. So what went wrong? Well, look again at the picture above: how many patrons do you count...?

I ordered a large Panarotti's special; the kids each ordered an Alfredo. The Alfredo's were fettucini covered in grey mush, and did not seem to impress the kids. My pizza was topped with mushrooms, olives and pineapple, among other things. What struck me was that there were no pork products on the menu: the meat was either beef (including macon), or chicken. Why no lamb? So I had macon, instead of salami or ham. Likewise the kids had no ham in their Alfredo's.

So my pizza was tasty enough; but really completely un-Italian. How can I describe it? It's like having sushi prepared by an Italian chef; or pizza by a Chinese chef. Or by an otherwise competent cook who has never actually tasted a REAL pizza before. So there was no tomato base, no mozzarella, otherwise quite an interesting effort.

By this time the restaurant was attracting patrons, most of which were Muslim. And so I realised that this was a strictly halaal restaurant. And I have absolutely no problem with that - because I fully understand the Muslim health regulations and am completely comfortable with them. And I can add that Muslim food is one of my favourites, especially if done by a real Muslim chef who knows what he is about. (There are really so many Mediterranean dishes that will knock your socks off.)

Still, there's no excuse for running an Italian restaurant, if the food isn't going to be Italian.

Next up: the kids opt for Mexican food, as prepared by Chiapas, also at the Zone.

Thursday, December 22 2016


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